About US

Rebar Wire AUS Products Pty Ltd ( RWAP ) is a Sydney-based manufacturer and engineering company, which has evolved significantly since its inception. We specialise in the manufacturing and supply of Wire Products. Our capacity to provide high-quality Chain Wire fences and Barbed Wire using premium Australian materials sets us apart from the rest.

Our metal fabrication and engineering, providing to the customers with their projects and ideas. We can offer you, advice and work on solutions, fabricate and deliver to your project. No matter the service, you’ll receive the highest standard of work and we’ll over deliver on your expectations of Metal Fabricated, Fences, and Gates installation for Civil, Commercial, and Residential projects in all regions of Sydney.

Our Advantages

Customer Satisfaction

One way we ensure customer satisfaction is by providing high-quality fencing products.

Products Warranty

RWAP takes pride in the quality of its products, and most of the products come with a long-term warranty.

Unique Combination

Steel wire fence fittings are a unique combination of hardness, toughness, planarity, and workability.

Our Promises

Our primary goal is to always over deliver, which is why we spend so much time and attention on quality control.


At RWAP, we have a strong devotion to being one of Sydney’s most environmentally-friendly wire products manufacturers and metal fabricators

We have a strict operations strategy that is focused on sustainability for future generations. What this means is, that we prioritise the use of equipment and materials that do not harm the environment.


Work Cover Health and Safety

In our wire production operations, there are heavy machines being operated and high quantities of electricity being used. It is our responsibility to keep workplace health and safety at the forefront of our minds at all times. we have a strict workplace health and safety protocol that protects our workers and keeps risks at on absolute minimum at all times. There is nothing that should take priority over the health and safety of employers.

Our WHS Policy Includes

Consistent Training Safe Work Method Statement ( SWMS )

We to carry out regular training and using proper ( PPE ) for each member of our team to regulate work quality and maintain an extremely high operational standard.

Chain Wire Manufacturing and Installation

What We Do

  • Manufacturing Chain Wire Fence.
  • Manufacturing Barbed Wire.
  • Supply Fences Panels and Gates
  • Custom Size Automatic Gate Fabrication.
  • Custom Size Manual Gate Fabrication.
  • Steel & Aluminium Fabrication.
  • Metal Engineering & Finishing Solution.
  • Fence & Gate Installation.
  • Supply Fencing Accessories.

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